Thursday, November 21, 2013

Newest DCP Trucks…Liquid Assets and Liquid Motion

Liquid Assets

Liquid Motion
I have the first customer getting shipped tomorrow!  If you have bought the Kenworth DCPs from me I will be contacting you.  I am going off my 9 page customer sheet and in order so it may be a couple of weeks before you hear from but I promise I will get to you!  If you have contacted me about being put on the wait list you are still on it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Liquid Motion Shirts!

We have Liquid Motion shirts in stock.  They look awesome.  Terry at Big Rig Tees produced another great work of art.   Please email at if you are interested.  Shirts sized S-2XL are $20 and 3XL are 423 plus s/h on all the shirts.
The trucks are in.  I need to get my paperwork in order and will start shipping the week on the 22nd.  These trucks aren't numbered as DCP has stopped that option.  Thank you for all of your support of Farmer's Oil.  It is appreciated!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 Die Cast Trucks

I want to let everyone know that Farmers Oil made 4 new models.  Two of them are internal and will not be available, the other two will be sold as they have been in the past.  If you have bought the last model I will contact you when we receive them and see if you are interested.  I will also have a waiting list.  If you are interested please email me at  Please do not call Farmers Oil office as they do not deal with the models.  We have not received any of the trucks yet.  One of the models literally missed the boat and will not be here until September.  I have not released any pictures of the trucks.  If they are circulating they came from DCP and they get the pictures when production starts....NOT when production is completed.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Award Winner

1st Place-Working Combo
1st Place-Paint-Working Combo
1st Place-Lights-Working Combo
3rd Place-Engine-Working Combo
Best of Show-Combo

We want to thank some of the people who are at the show right now that made Liquid Motion an award winner.

Dean Wedman (aka Captain Dean, Captain, Uncle Dean), he is always willing to do whatever is asked to help us get the trucks ready for the shows.  He enjoys talking to the people at the shows and we are happy he is one of the faces of Farmer's Oil.  

Larry Graves, Jeremey dad who has allowed Jeremey to talk time off to get trucks ready for the shows. His crew in Louisville helped Dean, John and Clay finish things up. He also brought home Best Paint and Best of Show in Limited Mileage!

John Schon, the driver of Liquid Motion whose work is appreciated and is a valuable part of our company and keeps LM looking good while on the road.

Clay Story, who didn't know he was going to get to do so much wiping on LM in Jeremey's absence.  It was hard to miss the guy in the orange coveralls.  At least he matches the truck. 

Randy Stroup, who first gave Jeremey the truck show bug and allowed his crew to wipe down LM before his own truck got wiped down.  Randy is just as proud of Jeremey's trucks as he is his own.

Here are some quick pictures of Liquid Motion before she left for Louisville.

We put a porch light on the tanker designed by 12 Ga. Customs.  As far as we know its a first of its kind for a tanker.  
Thanks for the idea Dwight!

We believe there can never be enough Flying Fs on a truck and trailer.

Jeremey needed to stay behind at Farmer's Oil this week and had to miss out on MATS this year.  He enjoys the entire process of prepping the truck before the show, getting things set up at the show, and then relaxing with all our friends we have made on the truck show circuit.  He also really likes meeting and visiting with the people who have an appreciation for a good looking truck.  Although he couldn't be there this year he it was on his mind all week and he really hated missing it.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved with making another great truck for the Farmer's Oil Fleet!

Jeremey and Jessica

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MATS 2013

Liquid Motion has made it to Louisville.  She is parked and our hardworking crew is getting her all shined up.  If you are in Louisville this weekend stop on by and say hello.  Liquid Motion is a 2013 Pete with a Cat C15 Engine, a wheelbase of 276", Low Leaf suspension, Eaton 18 speed transmission, with a rear end ration of 3.25.  She hauls a 2013 Mississippi Tanker that holds 10,600 gallons.  It has a Hendrickson End Track suspension, with max working pressure of 265 PSI and a Balckmer 4"pump.
Special Thanks go to the many people who have worked overtime and given their all for Liquid Motion, Route 66 Truck and Trailer, Farmers Oil Co. Inc, Jeremy's Paint and Body Shop, Mississippi Tank Company, 12 Gauge Customs, 4 State Trucks and Great Image Designs.  Thank you for once again helping make another truck "Top Shelf"

Friday, February 1, 2013

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets has made Rockwood's Chrome and Elegance calendar for the month of February.  It is the featured truck this month on their website.  Take a few minutes to stop by.  You can even order a calendar if you don't already have one.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry Christmas

We got to use the little semi again for a parade in Kingman one of our dispatchers' hometown. It's a bit blurry. Zachery is driving, Emalie is riding shotgun with Abbey and Natalie carrying our banner. We had lots of fun!